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Welcome to L2KomiWars Lineage 2 High Five PvP/PvE/CRAFT server.
This is custom high rate server with retail items of lineage2.

In server exist good PvP solo/mass balance , as characters skills and items.
Balance is cusstom and adapted to the server rate,items,buffs and all other things skills and etc.

There you can costumize your character to look different and nice with the ingame armos
As well there is "DressMe" system which can litrally make you to look amazing.

Server platform have been bought from KomiWars GM Stuff with all its features and extras.


We're running our server with Goddes Of Destruction Interface, and it's running on HighFive Client .

You can using and Freya client but we strongly reccomending HighFive clean client.


XP X75, SP X75, Spoil and Drop: 1x
Adena: 1000x
(We have adjusted the prices of items in our GM shops, we believe 1000x will keep the Adena as a balanced currency)


Safe enchant Weapon/Weapons: +5
Max enchant Normal/Blessed Enchants: +18 by 75% success rate
Max enchant Divine Enchants +18 by 100% success rate
Max enchant Last Enchants from +18 to +23 by 10% success rate
(We have let the last enchants from komiwars, we believe those 10% for above max enchant will keep the interest of gameplay)

Spawn Protection

Once you spawn, you're protected for 15 seconds.
If you move, use a skill or use an item then the spawn protection will stop.

Automatic Features

We've arranged so your character will automatically pick up drops from normal mobs.
Drops from Raid Bosses will have to be picked up manually.
Skills are automatically learned.

We also have automatic offline shop,Automatic MP,HP,CP Potions and more things in game
Simply set up your shop and log out, and your offline shop will be active till you sell/buy or disconnect your character on next login.

NPC/Community Board Buffer

There's an NPC buffer in all of our main towns,farms and epic raids.
It supplies all kind of all nessery buffs you need for your character.
There's as well an Community Board buffer , really fast and comfortable for using
(for premium accounts +15/30 buffs)
There's as well donatable NPC buffer with all buffs +15/30 for clan halls and castles

Global Gatekeeper

Every town,farm area or epic raidboss spot has a Detailed Global Gatekeeper.
This takes you to all popular locations,farms,raids including our two PvP zones.

GM Shop

There's a GM shop in all of our main towns,farms and raidboss spots.
This shop has everything you need. Soulshots, Weapons, Armors, Potions and much more.
As well there is and Community board GM Shop which is really comfortable for using.

Raids in L2KomiWars

Raids in L2KomiWars are sorted on two types Epic Raids and solo Raids
Epic Raids can be found in the Global Gatekeeper , you need party for them and they drop all the farming curency you need to gear your character.
Solo Raids can be found in their retail spots also have special raid system in the community board where you can teleport to them with.
All the solo raids dropping little currency for farming plus special ingridients which are needed to be crafted using later for the dressme.
In L2KomiWars we have all the raidbosses in Lineage 2 Reworked ,Rebalanced and ready to be farmed as 85L. Total 384 Raids.


The olympiad is ongoing every 2 weeks completely automaticly + auto heros.
Meaning if you become a hero you will have your hero status for 2 weeks.
L2KomiWars have custom olympiad stadiums which are really nice on view and with good geodata
Server have unique antidual box system for the olympiad , feeds are forbiden by dualboxing.

Siege/Territory Wars

Sieges are every 2 weeks guards can be purshaded and used (we have reworked custom and strong guards).
Territory Wars are every saturday ,
all territory wars are giving custom stats and even to have all the wards , wont destory the balance in game

PvP Zone's

You can PvP/PK anywhere except towns.
If you wish to PvP without the risk of getting karma, loose experience or having to run back for buffs then you can visit our two pvp unique zones.
We have 2 PvP Zone Managers which both spin total 20 Maps in any 2 hours!
The two managers are separated to "normal one" where you getting flagged and can do partys,combo fights and etc. The Second one is "solo one" there you can't see enemy's title,name you cannot party and its really comfortable for all vs all fights
Both arenas in any their end of cicle rewarding top 3 players by pvp with expensive coins you need for everything!

Farming Zones

All Farm Arenas in L2KomiWars are with custom monsters
In the different farms you will meet with different kind and type of monsters comfortable for the different classes
Farming is easy , but lets not forget its also PVE/Craft server , so we need to farm while we playing in L2KomiWars.
In any single farm all farming monster can be spoiled and you can loot extra drops and boost more faster your character.
Bots in L2KomiWars are allowed for farming ,so relax you can farm while you watching movie,Anyway you need to keep on eye your character for catchpa!
Overwise you going to jail for few minutes.
As well there is an Party Farm ofcourse where you can enjoy hard farming with friends.