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  • The L2 KomiWars Team
    Posted at 06.09.2022

    Hello friends.
    We would like to announce some news about Olympiad Games.
    As many peoples asked why they couldn't exchange their Olympiad Points for Olympiad Tokens.
    We will explain it here.

    # Olympiad Competition Period, Default 6 hours. (Retail exchange points for tokens is 6 hours after new heroes ,which mean on the next day Olympiad games start again)
    # Default: 6 hours ---> It was and its supposted to be.

    AltOlyCompetitionPeriod = 23.55 h --> We changing it to 23.55 Hours which mean all the day after new heros WONT be olympiad.
    (1 day no Olympiad games after new Heroes , but more time for everyone to exchange The Olympiad points for Olympiad tokens) and use them in the Olympiad Shop Discount.

    You can join our discord server and facebook page to get more information about server,its type and etc!

    Official Discord Server
    L2KomiWars Discord
    Official Server Facebook Page
    L2KomiWars FaceBook Page
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